for sri lanka

Simply put £1 in the tin, write your name and current postcode on the label, then pass the tin on to someone you trust.
Let it go on it’s own journey.

300 Traveling Tins will be released. They do not sit on a mantlepiece waiting to collect change, but move quickly, being passed from hand to hand.

The name and post code are asked for so that you can be credited for your contribution and the journey of the tin can be mapped. Pass it on to a friend, a colleague, a member of your family, a lover, someone from a club, a flatmate or even someone you just met as long as you trust them to do the same. Even take it to a party as long as you leave it with someone trustworthy.

Take note of the number of your tin. When the tin is returned it's number will appear on the returned tins page, so keep checking for it!

pit in £1 • write your name • pass it on

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