How the tin works

1. Put a £1 coin in the tin.

Please try to use a £1 coin, so that the maximum number of people can participate in the project. If you wish to donate any extra money, go to the 'donate page', the coin button on the left.

2. Write your name in the next available box on the name grid in block capital letters as well as the post code of your current location.

Your name is important so that you can be credited on the website, as well as creating a sense of responsibility for money with the person in possession of the tin. We ask for your post code so that once the label has been returned the journey of the tins can be mapped.

3. Pass the tin on to someone that you trust.

How to fold the name grids

Most of the folds work as pages in a book, you turn the page on the right over to the left to reveal the next set of boxes.

Once boxes 1-34 on pages A and A* are full - turn A* over onto A to reveal pages B and B* with numbers 35 - 68

Once boxes 35-68 on pages B and B* are full - turn B* over onto B to reveal pages C and C* with numbers 69 - 100

Once boxes 69-100 on pages C and C* are full - unfold the concertinered name grids. Bend each crease the opposite way and touch B* to C and A* to B and hold these two folds together. Then fold the gathered pages over on to C* trapping page A in between to expose D and D* with numbers 101 - 134.

To see a video of this being done click on this link

Once boxes 101-134 on pages D and D* are full - turn D* over onto D to reveal pages E and E* with numbers 135 - 168

Once boxes 135-168 on pages E and E* are full - turn E* over onto E to reveal pages F with numbers 169 - 202

How to send the money back

When all the name boxes or the tin is full please carefully take off the label to reveal further instructions and a stamped addressed envelope printed on the reverse.

Then open the tin with a tin opener to access the money. Count the money, or take it to the bank, who can do it for you! Pay the money into your bank account and then send the money to Boat For Sri Lanka by either:

A Writing a cheque made payable to ‘Boat for Sri Lanka’ and using the envelope, which can be made from the label to send it in.


B Make a payment using the Paypal link on the Donate page of the website. Please write the number of your tin in the format - 'Tin number x' as a reference

Please can you make sure you send the label back, even if you do not send a cheque so that everyone who has donated can be credited and the journey of the tin can be shared with everyone who participated in it.